Indian Hand Looms - Basement for the modern civilization


Let's revive India's handloom industry using modern B2B e-commerce.

Do you know civilization has come across a long way and weaving looms are very much an integral part of it? Even epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata attributed the craft of weaving as a great thing, thus proving how much weaving got significance. I would say weavers are backbones to civilization and they had been acting like a set/bridge between modern and ancient civilization. One can see high diligence among weavers from BC ages and especially they have reached a capacity when they were able to export their handcrafted looms from India to Rome. Since India had resplendent fabrics that one could not find in other places. Around the 12th century, India had been exporting cotton to most east Asian countries.

In our ages still, there are more traditional tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India are making their profession as weaving fabrics and nowadays no one is showing interest or finding the best place to buy handlooms and handicrafts in bulk which were made with hand by weaving resplendent fabrics which are authenticated at their respectful places such as Uppada, AP; Pochampalli, AP; Dharmavaram, AP; Koimbattor, TN; Varanasi, UP, etc. If you want to buy any Uppada kind of saris you can find them at Bharat Supply has decided to revive the rural economy by providing a great platform for the handloom industry. Every fabric used in making Indian hand-made saris is filled with weavers' creativity, hard work, innovation, and innocence. Let's join hands by encouraging the ancient profession of India by buying more handlooms and handicrafts. 


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