Want to grab opportunities of solar space in India ? Lets begin the show

Being a large country with a heavy rural population and empty surface area, it’s surprising that India only produces 50 GW of instantaneous solar power as of August 2021. Has you might know to grab the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, you need three main bits of infrastructure: solar panels, batteries (gravity, water, or electrons),...


Semiconductor Chip Shortage in USA & USA state Arizona attracts 9000 graduates why?

Do you know western country car manufacturers and other electronics companies are fell short of the semiconductor chips from the last few months? One of the main reasons for chip shortage is when COVID-19 shocked the world, consumers were very hesitant to buy the products, and after the world is spinning up from the pandemic, the trend of working from...


Manufacturing Sector In India

With over 1.3 billion population India, it is and been emerged as the largest market for consumer goods, industrial tools & machinery, etc, billions of people & millions of businesses taking the advantage of 5G technology and trying to locate the best quality product suppliers across the globe and India. Surprisingly and unfortunately, India is still...


Indian Hand Looms - Basement for the modern civilization

Let's revive India's handloom industry using modern B2B e-commerce. Do you know civilization has come across a long way and weaving looms are very much an integral part of it? Even epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata attributed the craft of weaving as a great thing, thus proving how much weaving got significance. I would say weavers are backbones to...


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