Semiconductor Chip Shortage in USA & USA state Arizona attracts 9000 graduates why?


Do you know western country car manufacturers and other electronics companies are fell short of the semiconductor chips from the last few months? One of the main reasons for chip shortage is when COVID-19 shocked the world, consumers were very hesitant to buy the products, and after the world is spinning up from the pandemic, the trend of working from home causes to buy more personal computers. And these sales were highest in the last decade and this unexpected demand affects both the electronics industry and the automobile industry heavily.

US state Arizona got over $20 billion investment for manufacturing the semiconductor chips,  Arizona is attracting over 9000 graduates to work in the semiconductor industry. Silicon, Cobalt, and Copper are the main raw materials used in chip making. These raw materials are abundant in India and Bharat Supply can source these materials easily. 

Why to mention this? India is the largest nation with higher graduates and yet a few companies making semiconductor chips. Bharat Supply is an emerging B2B company aimed to connect manufacturers and suppliers with buyers across India & the rest of the world. If you or anyone you know is interested in chip manufacturing, our expert panel can help to learn growth opportunities. Bharat Supply makes it easy to source the raw materials and market the end products on national and international markets. 


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