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Being a large country with a heavy rural population and empty surface area, it’s surprising that India only produces 50 GW of instantaneous solar power as of August 2021. Has you might know to grab the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, you need three main bits of infrastructure: solar panels, batteries (gravity, water, or electrons), and powerful DC to AC converters. 

Upcoming manufactures should see a lot of opportunities in this space, especially in the making the solar panels. A large amount of float glass is required to make the solar panels, and the required raw materials are available in India.

As outlined in a Government of India Report (LINKED HERE), nearly 1 million small solar-powered lanterns are being sold in the country every year and this figure may grow rapidly in upcoming years since these are heavily used as street lights to light up rural India.

A lot of startups were established in the last few years to make consumer-based solar equipment and commercial solar panels, one of such companies is LoomSolar and you can explore the equipment here. Bharat Supply is here to be your expert accelerator team and support solar equipment manufacturing in India. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us @ +919966696989


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